Stacie Lyn Kentop
mixed media artist
About the Artist

I’m a finder at heart, what some call an ephemera magnet.

I love using found objects in my art because it's making something out of nothing, out of trash, out of discarded, unwanted stuff. Recycle art.

I find it a challenge to focus on any one medium or technique because I love to learn, to experiment, and am drawn to so many different art forms. I’ve been creating art since I was very young. I enjoy sharing what I make, what I know, and what I have with others.

Having guests spend the day in my studio (aka, the Art Room) is treasured time. We laugh, we eat, we make art. Whether it's holding a class with a guest artist, spending the day with friends (who insist they are not creative, which is balderdash), or holding an open studio, creating art amongst others is something I truly enjoy.

It seems like each year (or each class I take at a retreat or locally), I add another technique to my creative tool box. From jewelry to collage to handmade greeting cards, there's always something going on in the Art Room.